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Is Pilates save during Pregnancy?

Yes Pilates is safe during pregnancy. Pilates can help keep your strength and posture throughout the changing months of your pregnancy. We encourage our clients to attend Equipment Pilates during their pregnancy. These are small group classes where your program can be changed daily based on how your body is feeling and changing. Pilates helps you stay strong maintain pelvic stability which is crucial during your pregnancy. More importantly it helps you regain your strength and postural quickly in the early days post birth.


How soon after I've given birth can I start Pilates?

We encourage clients to gain approval from their health practitioner or obstetrician before commencing exercise again. This usually happens at six weeks post birth.


Can I come to Pilates if I'm injured? 

I philosophies if you can drive your car and walk around we're happy to see you in the studio.
How many days a week do you recommend to do Pilates?
We recommend at least three times a week to get the movement of Pilates into your body and to feel a change. But if you have more time we recommend four sessions a week to see a faster transformation.

Exercise During and After Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is given after surgery to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back (recurrence). Radiation may cause side effects, mainly involving the skin of the area being treated. Radiation also may damage the heart muscle. Fatigue and anemia (low red blood cell count) can be other side effects of radiation, and exercise can help ease both of them.


When can you exercise? 

During:Yes.Make sure you have your doctor’s OK to start. Explain the exercises you plan to do and ask about any possible limitations. Many studies have shown that exercise during radiation therapy can ease side effects, including fatigue, anemia (low red blood cell count), and sleeping problems.


It’s also a good idea to come for a 1-1 consultation for a structural evaluation before you start exercising. We take you through all the basic movement patterns and planes of the body using small props. This way you get an understanding of the way your body moves. 

After:Yes. Again, make sure you tell your doctor the exercises you plan to do and ask about any possible limitations.